Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT)


Sinai Diagnostics treats all vascular conditions, both arterial and venous, without need for hospitalization or open surgery.

Varicose veins can be painful and unsightly. These are veins, especially in the legs, that have bulged and twisted over time.
They can cause leg aches, burning and throbbing, muscle cramping, itching, swelling and bleeding inside the legs.

In the past, there were a few methods of treating varicose veins and venous insufficiency, including surgical ligation and vein stripping. Vein stripping, in particular, is known to be an arduous and painful experience.

Sinai Diagnostics, however, offers only minimally invasive and simple procedures that can make a real difference in treatment for patients.

Endovenous Laser Treatment, or EVLT, is a highly praised procedure for it’s high success rate and fast procedure.

Endovenous Laser Treatment is performed using light emission and heat from a laser fiber beam cauterizes the inside of the walls of the varicose vein. This method closes the unhealthy, refluxing vein without surgery and requires minimal access to the vein itself, providing immediate relief.



Frequently Asked Questions?

How does Sinai Diagnosics perform Endovenous Laser Treatment?

A local anesthetic is applied to the vein, and a physician will insert a tiny catheter into the problematic vein, using ultrasound to guide it for proper placement. The energy from the laser will then be targeted precisely to close the damaged vein and reduce the tension on the veins at the surface of the skin.
As the problematic vein is now permanently closed, the body will reroute the patient’s blood to healthy veins. This treatment is simple, reliable and treats varicose veins without surgery. EVLT can also be combined with sclerotherapy for additional treatment.

What are the advantages of laser vein treatment?

This advanced vein therapy treatment has many advantages for patients. In addition to dramatically reducing pain and allowing a quick return to daily life, EVLT treatment is fast and effective, typically taking less than 15 minutes.

Some advantages from EVLT:
immediate relief
• small recovery time
• no scars or stitches
• lower rate of complications
• no general anesthesia and large incisions
• non-surgical and non-invasive

Clincal studies have shown a 98 percent success rate.
EVLT costs are also covered by Medicare and most insurance providers up to 100 percent.

Is the procedure fully in-clinic?

Yes, no hospitalization is necessary and the procedure can be performed in full at our clinic.

Advantages of EVLT

  • Clinical studies have shown up to a 98% success rate
  • You can immediately resume your normal daily activities
  • Costs are currently covered by Medicare and most insurance providers up to 100%


  • Each procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes
  • No hospitalization required. All procedures are performed at our clinics
  • Immediate relief from painful symptoms


  • Non-surgical & Non-invasive
  • No general anesthesia
  • No large incisions needed
  • Little to no scarring
  • Minimal risk of postoperative infection