At the Vascular Rehabilitation institute of New York at Sinai Diagnostics, we specialize in providing minimally invasive endovascular procedures and interventional pain management to provide meaningful relief for pain in the lower extremities.

Restoring circulation in your legs and enabling you to walk painlessly again is our specialty.

We are unique and unparalleled group of doctors – interventional radiologists specialized in restoring circulation and treating vascular problems without pain, blood loss or surgery.

We perform the most delicate procedures in medicine without damaging human tissue and without leaving scars or deformities. By using a targeted technique directed by the most advanced imaging and diagnostics technology, even most complex treatments are carried out painlessly with no need for general anesthesia – a common contraindication for most patients.

There is no need for an overnight stay or hospitalization! Just a one to two-hour procedure is all that’s required for you to return to normal life activities and WALK PAIN-FREE AGAIN! Our centers feature on-site advanced diagnostics including CT and MRI imaging technology.

Vascular Rehabilitation institute of New York at Sinai Diagnostics is a home to interventional radiologists who use state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to narrow in on the precise cause of leg pain or vascular conditions in order to provide high-quality, patient-focused health care.

Our physicians use minimally invasive techniques, an advance in medicine that provides an alternative to open surgical procedures. These minimally invasive procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis in our office, providing safe, effective and personalized care for a real alternative to hospital treatment. These procedures involve small incisions, lowered risk, less pain and shorter recovery times, making them great options for patients.

We have a dedicated and experienced staff that offers excellent care to our patients. With a strong focus on patient education, we provide clear and precise explanations of diagnoses and treatment plans.

We are always available to answer your questions and keep you informed throughout your treatment. If you have been informed that you need surgery to treat your leg pain, call us first. Find out if you could be a candidate for a minimally invasive vascular treatment or interventional procedure.

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